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The fog was tremendous 

Shaking with trepidation

The grass full of dew and mist

A site that was all picturesque 

Ngrr! Ngrrr?!

A phone call was detected 

Silenced in a gify with anger 

Time to go to work was knocking 

Yawns and almost a cursing 


Toes in contact with the iced tiles

It was taken all the way to the nerves 

It felt like a brain freeze for once

Not so fast, not so slow but the

druggy mood was there

Ambivalently, it was a win win game

Do or die, it got to happen

With one hurrily buttoning 

The other hold tight the cuppuccino

The chauffeur was right on time

At a limited speed limit 

In a tandem move

With a sigh on departure 

Good day dad! 

Making a tenacious grip

He was already at his destination. 

There followed the car door bang. 

                  Pretty mess. 

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