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     Pros and cons of Social Media 

Social media are platforms where individuals can meet and get to know each other. It is has changed  the planet earth into a global village. With accessto the internet one can easily communicate with individuals who are miles away from them. Examples of these platforms are; Facebook, E-mail, Twitter and WhatsApp. As the saying goes, ‘every coin has two sides,’ there are also advantages and disadvantages of Social Media. Some of the advantages include;

Easened Communication -with access to the internet such as Wi-Fi, people can communicate anytime and anywhere around the globe. It only takes a few seconds for someone in Europe to receive information on trending issues back in their villages.

Increased job opportunities – companies  that use internet to market their products have employed programmers and web designers to work on their designs and secure their data. Theyhave also employed many digital marketers to market their goods and ensure increase of sales through good service delivery. 

Some of the disadvantages we encounter on social media platforms are;

Cyber crimes – with too much knowledge in computing and technology, scammers have come up with ways to steal from innocent social media users. They have also been able to hack into different individual documents and change them into their preference rendering the real owners useless and beggers.

Broken homes – to much use of social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook has led to high levels of infidelity in marriages.  With this, many couples end up divorced or chaotic that causes murder of the other spouse.

All in all, as a social media user, be encouraged to use the platforms wisely while doing all that are beneficial to youin terms of growth and development. 

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