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Online writing, It’s a service offered online by writers not only national wide but also globally. This allows them to share skills and experience at all levels. Freedom is the greatest asset as writers can work anywhere and anytime as long as one has an internet and working gadgets like laptops, phones, or tablets. With various skills and experience the writer has, he or she can access the clients that require his/her skills by simply viewing the task and the instructions attached to it. Some benefits of online writing include:


 The flexibility enjoyed by the writer. The online writer is in charge of his/her schedule in that he/she picks jobs that he can deliver before the deadline and is able to showcase his skills. Therefore, the writer can pick a particular job based on this time and ability to deliver.


Job availability. Online writing job opportunities have been created for many people; writers are paid by various clients based on the type of Work and skills required. Amount paid is usually based on the agreement between: The writer and the client. Payment is usually done through various platforms like: PayPal, mobile money  and various bank accounts. It has also helped people to deliver despite their geographical location.


 The Quality Work Done within the Expected Time. Clients receive their work on time as an advocate for deadlines. Online writing emphasizes on timely delivery. This ensures that the writer is aware of the work that is ahead of him, the timeline to deliver the writing style and references. This creates a good reputation for the client and the client.


Unlimited pool of knowledge. writing enables the exchange of ideas by creating an avenue where the majority of people exchange information on various fields like farming, medical fields, technological know-how, etc. People learn Different things and acquire new information, skills, and knowledge. This creates a platform where knowledge and information are shared hence the betterment of living standards.



In conclusion, online writing is a platform that can be used to improve the lives of people e.g. financial, mental, social, and Physical welfare by maximizing its advantages. This has been achieved through the provision of required tools, internet, and knowledge sharing. Online Writers should be protected from con men by ensuring bidding contracts, personal Information sharing and awareness creation. Therefore, online writing is a useful tool that should be protected in order to deliver performed to its Mandate is a platform for sharing information, knowledge, and skills.

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