Online Writing Sites In Kenya

Online Writing Sites In Kenya

One of the main reasons why people work is to earn a living. In Kenya, this is the same reason, though it makes sense when you consider a job opportunity that would also come with a ray of freedom and convenience. What else can you do after graduation and the job you craved for is nowhere within your reach?  This is the situation in Kenya, year after year, there are adding statistics of unemployed people. Well, we are not here to discuss the problems but rather raise solutions concerning the same. The online writing sites in Kenya are the most sought by a good number of Kenyans. With all the prevailing harsh economic circumstances, it makes sense to opt for this job opportunity.



Finding online writing sites in Kenya

The internet has so much to offer. This is also a disadvantage since you will miss out on finding the right online writing site. It is therefore recommended that you take time and consider at least the best that you can start with. The freelancing sites are the mostly used since they offer free registration but you will be supposed to make some commission payment once you enter into any contract. Again, getting the project on these sites would require bidding as there are thousands of candidates who are eyeing the same project. Everyone would want a clean deal from every step and therefore whether you are an experienced writer or newbie, you are still in need of the best writing sites that would serve you well.


Commonly used online writing sites in Kenya

The writer is one of the best online writing site that you can begin with. First of all, you do not have to pay for registration.  Once you have opened your account, you can start writing straight away since there is no bidding process like in the case of other sites. The payment could be from 1.25 for each article and you have to ensure you produce quality work since the account can be terminated in case of low quality production.

The up work site is another option, with close to four million clients, this site has a variety of online writing jobs that any Kenyan can work on. Currently, a considerable number of Kenyans are using this site.

Freelancer is the largest site where you can begin with your online writing projects. It serves the needs of many users and is used by more than 200 countries. The good thing is registration process is free and you can only pay a commission fee when you have entered into a contract with the client, and has paid you upon the completion of the project.

When it comes to Online writing sites in KenyaFiverr is similarly another option that offers services to close to more than 2 million users. The striking thing about this site is that you will need to pay a commission of $5 since everything here starts running from a minimum of $5.


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