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What is is a marketplace connecting writing talents in Kenya to clients/content buyers across the globe. Employers post writing projects on while writers bid the available projects.

The following are categories of frequently asked questions:

Getting Hired Faqs

Integrity and Scam Faqs

Getting Paid Faqs

Marketplace Vs Mentorship Faqs

Getting Hired Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways of getting a job in The first way is getting jobs assigned to you by Mentor or Order Manager, and the second way is through bidding

  • Getting Jobs from Order Manager

This is the easiest route to start getting jobs from It’s the most recommended for a newbie writer. Those who get jobs from Order Manager are graduates from our Learn as you Earn Program. To join this program, you can sign up by following this link:

  • Bidding

Apart from getting jobs from Order Manager, you can also apply for jobs posted on marketplace by different local and international employers. To get jobs fast under this, please make sure you have an appealing page profile. Make sure you have samples posted there to show potential clients.

Jobs are posted there daily. You too can be an employer, and you can post jobs for free and find a suitable writer.

While bidding is a good option, its recommended that if you find it hard to get a job after several applications, you consider joining Learn as you Earn program to increase chances of success. Please check bidding faqs below to learn how to do it well.

A successful bid proposal persuades the buyer to award the job to you. Although you have little to no control over whom the buyer chooses, you have complete control over how you write and present your bid.

So, if you’d like to present it right, here are the top 5 tips on how to write a competitive bid proposal:

  1. Always read the project details beforehand.

In every writing assignment, the specs are important. Included in the project details, the buyer specifies exactly what the project includes and what he expects the freelancer to accomplish.

In assessing the buyer’s job description, ask the following questions: Do you qualify for the niche? Can you write on the
topic with expertise? If you say Yes! on both counts, include relevant samples or references along with your bid

  1. Avoid scripted bid proposals

When your bid looks and sounds the same as all the other bids, you sound like you’re only interested in winning the project itself and not meeting your buyer’s standards and expectations.

  1. Try not to underbid or overbid your fellow writers

It’s reasonable to place a bid higher or lower than the competition, but it’s
unreasonable to bid way too high or way too low. Put simply, the latter tilts the balance in your favor, more often than not at the expense of quality.

It’s reasonable to place a bid higher or lower than the competition, but it’s
unreasonable to bid way too high or way too low. Put simply, the latter tilts the balance in your favor, more often than not at the expense of quality.

  1. Don’t forget to proofread your bid!

Haste makes waste, so don’t rush into prematurely posting your bid. As a final check, avoid misspelled names and typographical errors.

5.      Avoid taking a rejection personally

In advance, it helps to know that—try as you may—not every bid gets awarded to you. You win some; you lose some. Without lowering your expectations, prepare yourself for either an acceptance or a rejection. Either way, the bottom line is that you know you’ve prepared
and submitted a bid as best as you can.

TIP: Joining learn as you earn program can increase your chances of getting hired by over 200 percent

Primarily, a bid proposal is very specific summary of why you are qualified to undertake the writing job posted. It does more than initiate a friendly greeting to the buyer and express interest in the job. Your bid proposal allows you to state what your qualifications are and how your background would allow you to perform the
specific job with excellence, accuracy, and on deadline.

To bid on a project, you are required to have a bidding package. The cheapest bidding package goes for Ksh 350, and it allows you to send 10 applications or do 5 projects. At the moment, the bids do not expire. There is a question below that explains why you pay for bids.

These are steps in bidding

Step 1: Visit to login. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by following the link

Step 2: After creating and account and logging in, click find projects or follow this link

Step 3: Scroll projects on site, find the most interesting or ones that you can do, click project title to open

Step 4: Once open, click the red button written BID.

Step 5: If you don’t have a bidding package, you will be prompted to purchase bid. You can try with the lowest bidding package of Ksh 250, though bid packages of higher amounts can give you better value. Purchasing a bidding package shouldn’t discourage you. You may invest Ksh 350,and get an employer who will give you a project worth over Ksh 20000 on same day.

Step 6: Purchase a bidding package by selecting MPESA/AIRTELL or bank if living in Kenya. A window will open to give you payment details. Once you pay, remember to click red button written Make Payment to generate invoice number

Step 7: Forward MPESA message and invoice number to 0708124000. If you don’t get invoice number, please repeat the above process.

Step 8:

The bidding page has three questions:

  1. Your bid: This is where you indicate how much you want to be paid for the project. It is good to read the employer description to note their maximum amount they are willing to pay. Also check the average amount to guide you on how other writers are bidding.
  2. Delivery: This is where you indicate the number of days to complete the project. If it’s a single article, and employer hasn’t specified deadline, it may be wise to deliver within a day or 2
  3. Add Notes: This is where you let the employer know why you are the best for their specific project:

Some sample phrases to get started in your description include:

  • “I can complete your project on time and within your budget.”
    2)“I have worked
    on similar projects to what you are looking for, and I am confident I can exceed your expectations.”
    3) “I can achieve the results that you are asking for.”

4) “I would love to work on your project.”
5) ” I read through the job details extremely carefully and I am absolutely sure that I can do the project very well.”
6) “I am an experienced business writer and marketing expert. I can create an ________ and create the webcopy that will have an instant connect with
your end users.”

  7) “I have a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies, majoring in   marketing. I have worked across all areas in copywriting.”

TIP: The phrases above are just to give you an idea. You can come up with own introduction phrase SUITABLE FOR SPECIFIC PROJECT


Wait for employer to get in touch. The length of time it takes depend on the employer

The employer will receive your application. They will be able to contact you via site’s message board. Some clients may ask for sample and others may hire you based on your profile. Please make sure your profile is sellable. In addition, make your bid appealing and respond to messages from prospective employers fast.

After posting a project, employer waits for writers to submit bids or application. They also interview applicants on site and discuss about the project. An employer may ask for sample links or ask you to do a short article to test your writing skills.

Please note that each employer has their mode of communication. Some may respond to a writer fast or not respond at all. Please make use of message board for all communication, and do not embark on project before the employer officially awards it to you.

If you win project, you shall receive an email notification. Do not start project before you get that notification that employer has awarded and funded the account. Please use site message board to get clarity on all the project requirements, and use the same channel to deliver files

You are likely to lose some project bids. Don’t be discouraged. You can chat with our support staff or mentor on whatsapp to discuss with themon how to improve your chances of winning bids

There is no limit. You can submit as many bids as possible has a message board. Please make use of message board to correspond with client. Please note that it’s only a client who can initiate a conversation via message board. Do not share contact with employer. This is in violation of our terms. Please report every employer who asks you to share your contact. If a client asks for sample, please use the message board to deliver it. You should not accept to do an unpaid sample exceeding 200 words. You will be notified via email every time an employer sends a message to you.

When employer awards you, they will be required to deposit money covering the entire project they wish to give you. They can only release funds to you if satisfied that all was done to their satisfaction

You need to ensure all instructions are followed. Employer will only release money to you if they are satisfied. In case of any dispute with employer, you can seek our arbitration services. Please note that we only come in to arbitrate if all transactions and discussions were done within our site.

How do I buy a bidding package
  • While logged into your account, go to My Projects on top left section
  • Select a bidding package you
  • Select pay via  mpesa
  • Click make payment(please make sure you do this)
  •  You shall receive an invoice number from this. Please go to MPESA/AIRTEL and do a deposit of bidding package amount for invoice generated
  • Forward MPESA/AIRTEL confirmation message to 0708124000. Please also forward the invoice number you got from site and your username.
  • Your bidding package should be approved in a matter of minutes if you follow the procedure above
The video link below explains the process in details:
Or Visit
I had created an account and done interview but I am still getting an error while trying to log in.
Please note and are two different sites. You may have signed up in and not We advise you to create an account with by selecting sign up and not sign in option. 

If you try to sign up and you get an error that the username exists, it means someone else, not necessarily you, has it. If you had given username as joshua for instance, try using joshua1 or joshua2022. is part of us but logins are different, and you have to register with each site separately.

Integrity and Scam Frequently Asked Questions gets commission out of the project posted. Getting clients to post projects on our site is a costly affair, hence the reason why we charge for bids purchase.

Please note we spend a lot of money to bring clients to our site. In our advertising efforts, we use Google and Facebook advertising. Consider advertising for USA clients for instance. If a person clicks our ad in USA, it will cost us something between KSH 200 and KSH 1000. Getting a single client is costly. We spare you the effort and costs of bringing this client to you. This is the main reason why we ask you to buy a biding package.

We need to clear the wave of misconception. does not charge people to get jobs. The bids you purchase is your contribution to keep clients coming on site. As explained earlier, a single click on a keyword that can lead a client from USA to a website can cost a minimum of Ksh 100 to as high as Ksh 1000.

Paying for bids is like buying a lead

Kenyawriters doesn’t vet employers whn they initially create accounts, but we closely monitor projects posted on site. Writers are free to report suspicious employers or project and we can take the necessary action.

We have measures below to ensure you are not scammed:

  1. We do not allow employers to AWARD project before depositing project amount with us. This ensures that if a writer completes project successfully, they are able to get paid WITHOUT DRAMA.
  2. We ARBITRATE in case there is a dispute between employer and writer. Since employers deposit funds with us, we can rule in favor of writer if its proven that writer followed all instructions given by employer. For arbitration to work, all parties must ensure communication and all deliveries are on site.
  3. If employer takes long to finish done project and is not available, we can give them a week notice, and transfer funds to you if they do not respond management has put measures to ensure that you do not get scammed by users of this site. The following are the kinds of scammers you should avoid:

  1. Those asking you to share your phone number or email so they can award you project. Most of these avoid working on site because it requires them to pay deposit to protect writer. Please don’t share contact with anyone. Insist on using marketplace for all communication and deliveries
  2. Those posting projects not related to writing or have no clear specifications
  3. Those asking you to do sample articles longer than 200 words
  4. Those who have no history of awarding projects though they post regularly

Our company has been in existence since 2010. We have an office situated at Information house Mfangano Street, where we have been for the last 10 years. has over 30000 writers’ profiles. These are real profiles of people who have accounts with us. Without doubt, is the leading marketplace for online writing jobs in east Africa. In addition, you can conduct a search to give you results on those that have used our platform. You are free to contact them, and they will give you a better insight.  Our lines are always open in case you have any issue to address. Should you have any issue with mentor, client, staff, etc, we give you an opportunity to address your concerns by visiting our office or sending an email to [email protected] administration strives to ensure that no one is scammed by using our site. You are free to report any fraudulent user, and action will be taken against them. You can also help us get rid of scammers by refusing to work If employer insists on giving work outside the platform or asking you to share your contacts. Please note that if we issue you with a contract, we shall strictly be committed to do our part.

Payments, Tracking Earnings and Withdrawals

Login to your account and check My Credit section. Working credit means that you have money waiting to be released by employer. It means that you may be still working on the project but funds are not available to you till employer approves release of funds. Available credit is the amount you can withdraw from your account.

We allow withdrawals to bank or MPESA. Please ensure that your account is updated with the right withdrawal channel of your choice

Mentorship vs Marketplace

Learn as you Earn Program is a program from Writing Academy. Everyone in Learn as you Earn Program must have an account with Learn as you Earn Program is optional. You may just have an account with, and not join the academy. To join the academy, you must do an interview assignment, and qualify for admission. Please get responses to the frequently asked questions about  Learn as you Earn Program above

Yes, those in Mentorship and Incubation classes can still apply for other jobs posted on site