March 28, 2019
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Choices have consequences. Kenyans pegged themselves on certain choices in 2013 that are biting them hard at the moment. Looking at the moves taken by the dying system, it’s vivid that the system is broke and in the near future it may not be able to perform its duties as expected by Kenyans. Therefore, this calls for the president to work on his advisers, the IMF products seem to have failed him on the kind of the financial advices they offer him. He is likely to forget about anything to do with a good legacy that he might be thinking of. However, Kenyans should expect worse than what they are experiencing at the moment. This is due to the fact that whether we like it or not, we have to pay for the debt the regime has been taking to finance ghost projects – corruption and servicing the ballooning recurrent expenditure.
For the president and the team to cushion the common Kenyan from this domino effect he created as early as 2013, he has to do the following;
 Cut down on the recurrent expenditure i.e. scrap the position of CAS and other duplicative positions. Let us not ignore the ‘elephant in the room’ which is the fact that the president has over populated the executive arm with unrequired positions to the economy. Drastically trim the cabinet even if it means sending more friends home.
 Scrap all planned projects under the big 4 and focus on recovering the public resources siphoned from the public coffers and stashed to the foreign countries.
 Employ effective and relevant debt management techniques, policies and structures to control the mismanaged debt funds in Kenya.
 Restructure leadership of all government institutions, commission and allow independent institutions to operate with the highest degree of independence as bestowed upon them by the constitution.
 Add healthier flesh to the skeleton 2010 constitution for the benefit of all Kenyans. Welcome all good intended ideas that will see to it that most institutions have policies and structures (that they lack at the moment) to enable them run effectively and efficient to give value to taxpayers’ money.
 Bring an end to the bilateral arrangements we have had in the past in the short run to assess how they have contributed to the economy first. Then later on embrace multilateral arrangements.
 Exercise supreme power on his allies. It’s high time for him (the president) to take action against his allies if at all he is into a good legacy at the end of 2022.
If we do not act now, I see Kenyans seek refuge outside the country. Let’s act as Kenyans not aliens since it’s our collective responsibility to reclaim Kenya to its rightful status. Ending neocolonialism and owning the fact that we do not have representatives but rather we are our own leaders. Remember each step you take as an individual has a course attached to it.

Remember to add your view, share, educate and inform us on what your thoughts are.
I further think that the Kenyans need to call for a drastic cut in the number of MPs from 349 to 210 come 2022. Why do I suggest this? This is due to the plain truth that only 30 %( 105) of 349 MPs are productive to Kenyans, the rest are just a burden to taxpayers’ money. Look at the current scenario in parliament, most of them are used as rubber stamps at the expense of a common Kenyan, you and me. They are the ones who were used by the jubilee administration to pass the 16% VAT on fuel in 2013, they have carelessly over budgeted for the government expenditure since 2013, allowed the exchequer to over borrow both locally and externally, put in structures for corruption avenues across the entire public sector etc. Then after realizing that they cannot tame the situation at hand, they pretend to be representing the common Kenyan who employed them. I also believe that Kenyan are to blame for the hard times they are undergoing at the moment. Why? The money politics we have been into since 1963, the freebies we are font of to vote leaders to various positions across the public sector the cause of all this. The entire system is rotten and rot calls for you and me beyond our tribal lines to clean it. Therefore, among the many recommendations from various corners of this republic, this should be included. Thus it calls for the amendment of the constitution to factor in some of these recommendations to reclaim Kenya from these vices. We have to accept that the 2010 constitution is a skeleton and needs a healthier flesh to give it more life for the benefit of the common Kenyan. Change the nature of politicking in this country from money politics to the packages the politicians can offer us in terms of real developments, good economy, values induced to the society through their stewardship, the brains to deliver on the taxpayers’ expectations among others.