Adrian Madara
December 22, 2023
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Embracing Diversity: A Journey in Liberal Arts Education

Hello! I am Adrian Madara, a passionate and adaptable individual with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts Education. My academic journey has been driven by a commitment to exploring diverse fields, fostering critical thinking, and embracing the interconnectedness of knowledge. This portfolio reflects my experiences, skills, and dedication to lifelong learning.

Educational Background:
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
University: Oshwal College
Graduation Year: 2023

Key Areas of Study:
Humanities: Explored literature, philosophy, and history to understand the human experience across cultures and time periods.

Social Sciences: Studied sociology, psychology, and political science, gaining insights into societal structures and human behavior.

Fine Arts: Developed a creative perspective through courses in visual arts and music, fostering an appreciation for artistic expression.

Natural Sciences: Explored scientific inquiry and its impact on society, encouraging a holistic understanding of the world.

Capstone Project:
For my capstone project, I conducted an interdisciplinary study titled “Cultural Fusion: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Identity.” This project delved into how artistic expression shapes and reflects cultural identity, drawing connections between literature, visual arts, and sociocultural dynamics.

Skills Acquired:
Critical Thinking: Developed the ability to analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives.
Communication: Honed written and verbal communication skills through diverse coursework.
Research: Conducted in-depth research projects, emphasizing qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
Adaptability: Thrived in an environment that demanded flexibility and openness to diverse ideas.
Extracurricular Activities:
Student Government: Served as a representative, fostering dialogue and advocating for student needs.
Literary Magazine Contributor: Published poetry and articles, showcasing a creative outlet.
Study Abroad Program: Immersed in [Country], gaining cultural competence and global perspectives.
Professional Development:
Internship in Public Relations: Applied communication skills in a real-world setting, contributing to successful campaigns.
Continued Learning: Enrolled in online courses in digital marketing and project management to complement my liberal arts foundation.
Future Goals:
With a solid foundation in liberal arts education, my future goals include pursuing a career that allows me to leverage my diverse skill set in fields such as cultural affairs, communications, or education. I am excited to continue my journey of exploration and contribute to endeavors that promote understanding, creativity, and positive societal impact.

Thank you for exploring my portfolio! If you have any inquiries or opportunities for collaboration, please feel free to contact me at