Joseph Mukoya
February 7, 2020
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The rain brought war

A drum beat was heard, as a sign of the coming of the long awaited queen,the land was full of chants,cheers,and long night parties,the land of Hagatha,
She was to come and bring back the lost
dark magic, that people of Hagatha used to use, to cure themselves of sickness and save them from death,how happy It finaly would be for one to live forever like the ones before the rain.
After a three days ritual to plead with the gods,blood of three first born bulls given to the spirits guarding the queens chambers,her chains were loose.
The ocean filled,and Hagatha shook.They could see a monster emerging from the deepest part of the ocean,they did bow their heads in respect of the coming of the never end.
The queen was sitting on the left side of the shoulder of the monster,her black dress was well designed to fit her beautiful
curvy body,her black lipstick made her fierce yet lovely.
The monster did bow, as it reached the sea show to allow the queen to step on land,and imediately submerged back to the deepest part of the ocean.
….to be contined…
**written by:Phylosopher mukoya quotes