November 19, 2019
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What scares you most about love?

I am particularly scared of being wrong. I hate being wrong
Especially about people .And being wrong about my own emotions towards someone is draining.
I am scared of starting over time and again when I thought the previous “love” was the right one.
I am especially scared of ending up in love with someone who would care less what my feelings are. Someone not exactly my own.
And above all, I am scared of never being enough. I am not so sure I am everything I should be and I am scared of allowing someone in and hoping they take me as I am then end up realizing I still wasn’t enough as I thought I would be. Pain does not scare me anymore ,I have had a fair share of it. It’s the constant reboot I loath. It’s draining to keep giving a special piece of me to multiple persons to only end up betrayed.