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Posted on May 9, 2020


Project Desciption

I need an article writer for content creation jobs for my website. I need a writer that will create content surrounding herbs for weight loss. The articles required should be at least 450 words but packed with information. Provide the most useful information the reader needs to know about what the title is about.

We also need the articles to include the following keywords; spices for weight loss, best herbs for weight loss, best herbs to burn fat, herbal medicine for slimming, herbal products for weight loss, herbal medicine to reduce weight, herbs to lose weight fast, best spices for weight loss, spices to burn fat fast.

We require 8 articles to start with and more expected when this project is done. The writer should be able to complete the project in 3 days.

Please provide a brief sample of about 200 to 300 words to showcase your skills in SEO and article writing.

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Dan Kanyi

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john murigi

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Eric Jefferson

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