Sub-Editor to Join Our Content Marketing Team

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Posted on September 10, 2019


Project Desciption

We are the Mckinnon Group, a content marketing agency in Australia, and we are looking for a sub-editor who can join our friendly Australian & Kenyan content team.

An important differentiator is that we are a Content Marketing agency and as such we have expertise in SEO.

We write content for search engines and this means that there are some technical nuances to our work that you would need to learn.

Our writing team is specifically trained in SEO techniques, but you would also need to be aware of these techniques in order to check the work correctly.

We are looking for someone who:

– Can learn/apply SEO copywriting principles as per our training
– Can process a minimum of 10 articles each week

Please apply by answering the following questions:

1 – Do you have an SEO Copywriting experience? If yes, please provide detail.

2 – Do you have any experience with a copy that has a commercial focus (either B2B or B2C)?

3 – Share examples of documents – before and after – showing your sub-editing work.


Article writing

Employer Information

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julius muchiri

ex-banker, business, academic articles, SEO content creation, Research content writer: I can complete your project on time and within your budget. I have worked on many types of projects within the last seven years. I am an experienced business writer and marketing expert. I have a college degree in economics.


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Ayiecho Julians

Highly reliable writer


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Aurelia Jepchirchir



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Nickson Nganyi



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